Thursday, May 25, 2017

Photo Essay

Art In Portland

I believe that art in city not only make the city more beautiful 
but it can tell the story of the city and its people. Art also brings hope and beauty 
to the dullest and darkest places. While doing this project I learned that Art is a big part of portland.
It gives people the chance to express them selves and gives others a chance to under stand the people of Portland. I also learned that You don't have to look that long to find a beautiful pice of art in Portland.

The Lead Photo

This is a statue of Portlandia on the portland building.
she is based off  the woman in the city seal.
(second largest copper statue in U.S) 

The Scene Photo

The infamous old town Portland Oregon sign
which has a deep history with portland and its citizens. 

This sign was going to be taken down until the people of 
Portland went into an uproar against it.  

The Portraits 

A Mother Taking photo of her daughter hugging a bear statue
 that is a part of the Animals in pools statues. Made as part 
of renovations associated with the MAX light rail. 

A young Woman utilizing this Fountain's bench like edge.
The Detail Photo

This giant mural is right of a side street in north Portland.
This was one of my favorite pieces to photograph.
It was the length of an entire block and the
first section was as tall as a building.

This mural is on the face of the
radio station building. KBOO radio is a
 local alternative radio station here in portland 

This mural shows a tall flower
 appearing to grow right out of the concrete.

This statue of to elephants entitled Da Tung and Xi'an Bao Bao meaning Universal Peace and Baby Elephant is located in
North Park Blocks. 

Close Up

This is a mural of a colorful tree.
This mural is right next to a dominos and a gas station.

This is a statue in a fountain
 which depicts two woman locking arms.  

This is a close up on the woman making history in Portland mural.

The Signature Photo

This mural is called Capax Infiniti Earth.
This mural is absolutely stunning.


This is a mural clamming that hope is vital.
I believe that hope is vital and Art in the city
 spreads hope, happiness and beauty. 

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